PFD Lab is the design studio of Emmanuella and Nicholas Sainz-Xatzis, based in rural New England, though much of their clientele is based in New York City. Working both individually and as a team, they share a sense of purpose founded in a love of craft and natural beauty. They cherish the freedom to grow through experimentation and collaboration.

Emma creates culturally relevant messaging through bespoke design and
art direction. In her work for private clients, small studios and bigger agencies, she employs a broad range of media: Identity development, interactive design, interior design, signage systems, packaging, and printed materials.
Her methodical process helps each client redefine their communication needs in order to create appropriate and durable branding.

Synthesizing modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship, Nick designs and builds warm and harmonious domestic and commercial environments using elemental media: metal, glass, stone, plaster, and wood. He strives to balance inevitable change with mindful conservation, often integrating architectural salvage and reclaimed materials into his interior, furniture and building design, connecting modern life to our rich heritage.